Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Project Onward Artist: Fernando Ramirez

Project Onward Artist: Fernando Ramirez..
Born: January 01, 1977..

# Work-in-Progress, by Fernando Ramirez..
# Portraits in the Park..

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My work is a more colorful view of reality."

"I realized I would be an artist at around five years old. All throughout school, art was a way for me to meet people. I was at Gallery 37 for many years, and became efficient at painting on several types of surfaces and on unusual shapes. I try to do well on whatever I'm working on - I try to include all the colors, so one is bound to have their favorite somewhere. I work by the motto "quality is not an act, it's a habit". I like working at Project Onward because I get to practice and learn from other artists. I feel I specialize on portraits and cityscapes, but can also copy any style and restore damaged work.."

Fernando Ramirez was born in 1977 in Guanajuato, Mexico and moved at the age of three to Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Perhaps the most important and popular artist at Chicago's celebrated youth arts program, Gallery 37, Fernando completed numerous commissioned art projects including portraits of Mayor and Mrs. Daley, as well as many visiting dignitaries from around the world. He has created a large body of work enjoyed by Chicago residents and visitors alike. Fernando continues to paint colorful scenes of Chicago's famous locales, and enjoys a unique niche in painting three-dimensional objects. He continues to be a popular commission artist and is available to draw portraits for the public at the Project Onward Studio..

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