Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Project Onward Artist: Sereno Wilson

Project Onward Artist: Sereno Wilson..
Born: January 01, 1979.. Germany..
# Artwork of Sereno Wilson..

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Sereno Wilson is known for his use of glitter. Originally born in Germany, Sereno moved to Chicago at the age of one and was identified as an artist by his teachers at a young age. As part of Gallery 37 during his high school years he worked on murals and became very skilled - this technical skill has helped him in developing a unique style using glitter, painting, and cardboard.

Sereno has quickly created a sensational body of work. Glitter has become a means of creating good luck, and his images of famous hip hop artists and actresses, as well as his portraiture for visitors to the Project Onward studio make him a big hit. At the age of 30, Sereno has lofty goals "I'm going to hit the jackpot with my work!"

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