Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Onward: Portraits in the Park

Project Onward offers portrait sessions on-site at Millennium Park,
August 2-September 15, 2011..
Hours: 10:30am-3:30pm, Mon-Fri..
Visitors can have their portrait created by the Project Onward artists for only $15.
Here is artist Fernando Ramirez at work..

She shows her portrait to her mom. She loves it.. Now it was time for her brother's portrait. Extreme left is Robin, from Project Onward.

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Work-in-Progress [by Blake Lenoir ]

Blake Lenoir has special affinity with nature and his artwork is nature related. here he found sometime to sit in the Lurie Garden, Millennium Park, to make a perennial garden..
When the work is finished I will post images here..

Some people stop by for an informal chat with Blake [Lurie Garden, Millennium Park]..

Complete work..

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# Artwork of Blake Lenoir..

Project Onward [Artwork of David A. Holt]

David A. Holt..
Born: 1985, Chicago.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Onward Exhibit at Chicago Cultural Center [ John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011]

Garland Corridor at Chicago Cultural Center..

Temporary Exhibit: John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011..
Location: Garland Corridor, First Floor Chicago Cultural Center..

Tranquil Isolation

Halloween [acrylic on canvas]

Edgeport [acrylic on canvas]

Golden Country [acrylic on canvas]

The Signal [acrylic on canvas]

Midnight Fairie [acrylic on canvas]

Universal Gate [acrylic on canvas]

The Welcoming [acrylic on canvas]

The Orphanage [acrylic on canvas]

Jack and Sam [marker on paper]

Alice Heart: Twin Sisters [marker on paper]..

Paintings in the exhibit includes..
  • 1. Tranquil Isolation [acrylic on canvas]
  • 2. Halloween [acrylic on canvas]
  • 3. Edgeport [acrylic on canvas]
  • 4. Golden Country [acrylic on canvas]
  • 5. The Signal [acrylic on canvas]
  • 6. Midnight Fairie [acrylic on canvas]
  • 7. Universal Gate [acrylic on canvas]
  • 8. The Welcoming [acrylic on canvas]
  • 9. The Orphanage [acrylic on canvas]
  • 10. Jack and Sam [marker on paper]
  • 11. Alice Heart: Twin Sisters [marker on paper]
  • 12. Alice Heart: Mannequin [marker on paper]

# John Behnke...
# John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011...
# The Welcoming - by John Behnke [Golden Country, 2011]

The Welcoming - by John Behnke

John Benhke's paintings are meticulously detailed and there is elaborate stories behind the different components of his work. For example this painting, "The Welcoming". First the details of the painting, and then the story..

The Welcoming
By John Behnke..

I am not a bad person, but is it still wrong to wish for a large amount of pain on someone? Yeah - I have a problems with my family. It's not like I dont have a good reason to dislike them. In fact, I would expect you to do the same.

After my father died, my mom became a control freak, and as a result, made my brothers and sisters clones to her image. I was fine with it, until I saw my husband for the first time. Frances is my husband. I really do love him, but my mom would care less. Once she saw that he was African American, she lost it and told me that if I was to marry him, our kids would look like little monsters. I was insulted and told her to go to hell. I thought that my sisters and brothers would understand my point of view, but they only cared about the way I talked to my mother to control. So I just gave up trying to please my family, and started to love Frances' family instead.

After eight years of living in the city with Frances and four wonderful kids, my sister Anna, called telling me that my mother wanted to to come over for Thanksgiving. There was still hatred inside of me, but I was able to see through them just one more time. The car ride was pretty awkward for my husband. I could have left him home with the kids, but I wanted them to see that I actually married Frances. The longer the ride took to get to my mothers house the more time I had to think about things she did to me, and I realized how much I truly hated her. At this point of time I just wished my stupid siblings died in a fire.

They never cared for me. They want to control me and turn me into a robot under my mother's command. Maybe it was a fact that I havent seen my mom in eight years, but I can't see any joy in coming to see her on Thanksgiving. I could be with Frances' family instead of being with people I hate.

We were about two blocks away from the house and I started to see smoke. At first I thought it could have been cookout, but when Frances turned the corner to my mother's house we saw the flames. My wish had come true, but I wasnt happy about it. Instead I started to remember all the good times I had with her and also I remembered that my brother and sister were my best friends when I was growing. But now I've wished them all away and now I'm left with ashes..

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# John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011...
# The Welcoming - by John Behnke [Golden Country, 2011]

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Project Onward: Random Images

Do not travel faster than your gurdian angel can fly... Also, do not present your fame before the art-work you are capable of rendering..
Thought of in Art
By James Hall [07-14-2011]

Project Onward: Random Images

Never be nonsensical about yourself or anything. [Let alone your good times in the past]..

Project Onward [Artwork of Sereno Wilson]

Sereno Wilson..
Specializes in "glitter" art.. His portraits pay homage to inspirational figures, from comic book heroes to U.S. Presidents.

Sereno's work at exhibit, "Garden Party": Project Onward at Millennium Park
September 16 - November 2, 2011

Jane Byrne - by Sereno Wilson..
Jane Byrne was Chicago's first [and only] female mayor. She unseated Mayor Michael Bilandic in 1979.

# Sereno Wilson..

Work-in-Progress [by Fernando Ramirez]

Working on his hand-painted bottle series..

Fernando Ramirez
Born:1977, Guanajuato, Mexico

"Day of the Dead", hand-painted bottle series..

# Fernando Ramirez ...