Friday, October 14, 2011

Work-in-Progress ["Glass Carnival", by John Behnke]

John Bhenke..
Born July 16, 1991.
20 years old John Bhenke is one of the youngest artists at Project Onward.
Behnke uses dazzling colors and meticulors details to create pictorial narratives of his own inventions. Each painting tells a complex story, drawing upon fairy tales, science fiction, romance, enviornmental detail, and the artist's own vivid imagination.

Check out some of his incredible work here..
# John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011...

Here's John Behnke working on his painting, "Glass Carnival"..

Details, details, details..

Look at the details on the edges of the painting..

Almost complete painting, "Glass Carnival"..

# John Behnke...
# John Behnke [work-in-progress: Glass Carnival]...
# John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011...

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