Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project Onward Exhibit at Chicago Cultural Center [ John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011]

Garland Corridor at Chicago Cultural Center..

Temporary Exhibit: John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011..
Location: Garland Corridor, First Floor Chicago Cultural Center..

Tranquil Isolation

Halloween [acrylic on canvas]

Edgeport [acrylic on canvas]

Golden Country [acrylic on canvas]

The Signal [acrylic on canvas]

Midnight Fairie [acrylic on canvas]

Universal Gate [acrylic on canvas]

The Welcoming [acrylic on canvas]

The Orphanage [acrylic on canvas]

Jack and Sam [marker on paper]

Alice Heart: Twin Sisters [marker on paper]..

Paintings in the exhibit includes..
  • 1. Tranquil Isolation [acrylic on canvas]
  • 2. Halloween [acrylic on canvas]
  • 3. Edgeport [acrylic on canvas]
  • 4. Golden Country [acrylic on canvas]
  • 5. The Signal [acrylic on canvas]
  • 6. Midnight Fairie [acrylic on canvas]
  • 7. Universal Gate [acrylic on canvas]
  • 8. The Welcoming [acrylic on canvas]
  • 9. The Orphanage [acrylic on canvas]
  • 10. Jack and Sam [marker on paper]
  • 11. Alice Heart: Twin Sisters [marker on paper]
  • 12. Alice Heart: Mannequin [marker on paper]

# John Behnke...
# John Behnke: Golden Country, 2011...
# The Welcoming - by John Behnke [Golden Country, 2011]

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