Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day at Project Onward Studio [Oct 25, 2011]

Work-in-Progress.. artist Safiya Hameed..

A photo-documentation of a normal day at Project Onward Studio..
All images taken on Tuesday, Oct 25, 2011..
within an hour time, that I was there..
Location: First Floor, Chicago Cultural Center..

In case what Project Onward is..
The mission of Project Onward is to support the creative growth of visual artists with mental and developmental disabilities. Project Onward provides studio space, art supplies, and professional guidance to emerging artists in a communal workshop environment..

Work-in-Progress, artist George Zuniga..

Here's the artwork, George Zuniga is working on..
Some more artwork of George here.. and here..

Work-in-Progress, artist David Holt..

Work-in-Progress, artist Adam Hines..

Work-in-Progress by Blake Lenoir..

Latest work by Pedro Besantes was on the easel..

Latest work by Sereno Wilson.. at his work space..

Recently completed work, "Lost Coast" by John Behnke.. was on his table..

A recently completed work by Tony Davis..

And here's me...

Project Onward Artists..
Safiya Hameed..
George Zuniga..
David Holt..
Adam Hines..
Blake Lenoir..
Pedro Basantes..
Sereno Wilson..

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